Dental Implants

No More Missing Teeth or Unsightly Gaps.

Dental Implants are the most natural way to replace missing teeth.  

They work like normal teeth.

See how Thomas, Casey, Loraine, Susan and Jane benefitted from dental implants.


Private High Quality Care.

Excellence in Dental Implant Placements.

If you are looking to replace missing teeth or secure loose dentures with dental implants we can provide you the best solution.  

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are the new alternative to tradional solutions such as bridges or dentures.  Our patients prefer them since the neighbouring teeth do not have to be worked on.

Dental Implants are secured into the bone of the jaw, so you can eat like you did before.  We are renowned to provide implants in Birmingham. 

We provide the best quality care and use current techniques to make sure the implant has the best chance of success.

“I feel great about my smile now. My tooth had broken off while eating.  I rang the surgery and they were able to fit me and do the procedure.  Eternal smiles staff were great.  Dr Singh explained the procedure and explained how he would make sure i felt no pain during treatment.  After surgery there was minimal discomfort as he had promised.  I have had my tooth for a few months and it looks fine.”


“I knocked my tooth out playing sports.  Dr Singh suggested an implant rather than a bridge.  I had the procedure and it was a success. “


IMPLANTS Including crown

Best Pricing & Quality 



Dental Implant Treatment
First Steps.

full examination and an x-ray needs to be carried out to meet the initial requirements.  An appointment is made to place the implant into the jaw.  Then we wait for the bone to heal and secure around the implant. Next on the implant a crown is placed to create a beautiful smile and give you your bite back.

Dr Singh work is founded on clinical excellence to achieve optimum results for all situations  with careful planning over many years.


Life benefits with
dental implants
for you.


1.  Best stability so you can eat like you did before.

2. We are all about smiles and function.  We make sure it works with a proven track record.

3.  Implants are a modern method to replace missing teeth.

4.  Give the best chance to your neighbouring teeth to last a long time since they are not prepared.

5. Give you your bite back before you lost the tooth.


“I fell over and broke my teeth. My dentist could not offer implants he just gave me a denture.  I was comfortable at Eternal Smiles, the implant was the best decision.  I am able to bite like I use to.  The team are so nice and gentle”.


We treat patients painlessly
and gently using
the Wand For
Dental Implants

dental implant

“From the start, to the completion my treatment has been brilliant.  I was always made to feel special.  Dr Singh and his team have always been kind and considerate to my needs.  Best of all I can bite again with my new implant teeth.”


25 Years Experience

Carefully planned dental implant treatment delivers an aesthetic, long lasting replacement for a missing tooth or teeth.

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